International School on Physics & Allied Disciplines (ISPAD) - 2020 (Postponed)
from 17 July 2020 to 21 August 2020 (Asia/Karachi)
National Center for Physics, Islmabad, Pakistan
Asia/Karachi timezone
Registration Open for the 9 th School on LHC Physics
Experimental High Energy Physics Department (EHEPD) at National Centre for Physics(NCP) has been regularly organizing schools on LHC Physics since 2009. This year, the 9th School on LHC Physics will be organized virtually from 17 – 21 August 2020. The objective of the school is to provide a platform to young researchers and students to interact with the leading experts of the field and to learn the latest tools and techniques used to analyze the physics data. We are at very exciting times in particle physics. On one hand, LHC machine has performed really well by delivering a tremendous amount of data. On the other hand the Standard Model, which describes beautifully the elementary particles and their interactions, works really well. At the same time we know that SM cannot explain some of the most popular ideas like existence of dark matter, and the preponderance of matter over antimatter, super-symmetry, quantum gravity, extra dimensions, string theory. Physicists around the globe are preparing for the next steps, eyeing on the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) which will deliver around 3000 fb-1 to probe the SM even higher energies and smaller scales.
Starts 17 Jul 2020 08:00
Ends 21 Aug 2020 18:00
National Center for Physics, Islmabad, Pakistan